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Sabine Grosser

Sabine Grosser is a fascinating person. She comes from a graphic design and prepress background and is a master of her craft. Beyond that she uses her skills to organize processes and structures. She looks closely, questions (almost) everything and has the perfect ideas to make a project more efficient and successful. And she doesn’t stop there, but helps you to take the next step and implement all these concepts. With her perfectly trained eye for details – design-wise and content-wise – and her big heart, it’s a pleasure to work with her.

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Based on anatomical and scientific findings from physiotherapy, neurology and kinesiology, Jenny, Jenni and their team improve your physical and mental mobility in the long term. Motivity – Functional Yoga, Movement & Release is the first studio to teach LYT Yoga in Hamburg. I had the honor of designing the logo: a perfectly balanced curve, the interplay of tension and relaxation, the shape of a healthy spine and the mental state you will achieve in your classes.

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Luise Volkmann

Luise Volkmann is an artist who works with sound. She believes in the transformational power of art to change or support lives emotionally. Therefore the website proposal consists of two layers: One is colourful, loud, wild, it includes images and patterns in bright colors. The other one informs and is transparent, so the images can find their way through it and to the user to touch her/him.

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Fresh, light and full of energy – that’s Yello! As the first editorial project of the brand relaunch, the brochure conveys the change from an energy supplier to a source of inspiration for everyday life. On the color scale, strong yellow in combination with fresh mint and peach creates a summer feeling all year round. The light, hand-drawn illustrations by Veronika Kieneke bring fun, identification, even more energy and each one tells a story. This way, even figures and calculations are anything but boring.

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Energie hoch 4

“Energie hoch 4” is a bonus system for schools in Hamburg initiated by the city. If pupils and teachers save resources, not only the environment benefits, but also the schools financially. Everybody is encouraged to save energy and water, reduce waste and heating and teach others about the effects behind it. Colorful media with a bold typography are visible and motivate: Posters communicate the idea, a flyer with a lot of illustrations provides deeper information, a well structured form leads through the bonus system and a set of stickers helps to remember the task on many touch point.