Good design is clear, concise and tangible. Through my design, your content becomes visible, accessible and comprehensible. Thanks to the finely tuned tonality, they reach the viewer not only cognitively, but also emotionally. And thus anchor themselves in the long term and sustainably. Tell me about your project.

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Christmas cards

Christmas is the time of the year, when you think on your beloved ones, when you pause for a moment to say “thank you”. Still one of the nicest ways to tell is by a handwritten postcard, a little personal surprise in the moment of opening the postbox in the everyday rush – and even more, if it’s not a cheesy golden-stars-and-tree ensemble but a simple black-and-white design that manages to put a smile on the face!

105 × 144 mm
letterpress printing
2014 – 2022

carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_1 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_2 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_3 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_4 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_5 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_6 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_7 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_8 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_9 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_10 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_11 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_12 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_13 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_14 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_15 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_16 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_17 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_18 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_19 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_20

Koenig & Bauer: Menschen, Maschinen & Ideen

200 years ago the founders of Koenig & Bauer invented the first printing machine driven by a steam engine. On behalve of this anniversary a box including a book, a bookazine and 13 posters tell the story from the past to the future – from technical but also very personal perspectives. “Menschen”, “Maschinen” and “Ideen” proove that innovation can result from tradition.

for Koenig&Bauer
with/at Mutabor & Grauel Publishing
book design, editorial design, packaging design, illustration
360 x 280 mm/180 x 240 mm/120 x 170 mm
offset printing, silkscreen printing

4 × Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2018
3 × BCM Best of Content Marketing 2018
2 × ADC Award 2018

carolinrauen_gewandhaus_1 carolinrauen_gewandhaus_2 carolinrauen_gewandhaus_3 carolinrauen_gewandhaus_4 carolinrauen_gewandhaus_5 carolinrauen_gewandhaus_6 carolinrauen_gewandhaus_7 carolinrauen_gewandhaus_8

Gewandhaus Orchester

The Gewandhaus Orchester is one of the biggest and oldest symphonic orchestras in the world. If you visit Leipzig you won’t miss it – because of its brutal architecture. The distinctive forms were the starting point for the design and are now visible in their reduced abstraction in every medium. Strong colours fill them with life – as the music fills the building with colourful sounds.

carolinrauen_shootingstars15_001 carolinrauen_shootingstars15_002 carolinrauen_shootingstars15_003 carolinrauen_shootingstars15_004 carolinrauen_shootingstars15_005 carolinrauen_shootingstars15_006 carolinrauen_shootingstars15_007 carolinrauen_shootingstars15_008 carolinrauen_shootingstars15_009 carolinrauen_shootingstars15_010 carolinrauen_shootingstars15_011 carolinrauen_shootingstars15_012 carolinrauen_shootingstars15_013 carolinrauen_shootingstars15_014 carolinrauen_shootingstars15_015 carolinrauen_shootingstars15_016 carolinrauen_shootingstars15_017

European Shooting Stars 2015

The „European Shooting Stars“ are the ten best up-and-coming actors from Europe, chosen by a jury of experts, nominated by the member organizations of European Film Promotion. The magazine adopts the glamourous look of the award ceremony by black-and-white photographs and elegant typography. It catches attention by the strong red colour. The rough paper and the diverse layout reflect the actors’ unadapted strong characters.

carolinrauen_mseuropa2_01 carolinrauen_mseuropa2_02 carolinrauen_mseuropa2_03 carolinrauen_mseuropa2_04 carolinrauen_mseuropa2_05 carolinrauen_mseuropa2_06 carolinrauen_mseuropa2_07 carolinrauen_mseuropa2_08 carolinrauen_mseuropa2_09 carolinrauen_mseuropa2_10 carolinrauen_mseuropa2_11 carolinrauen_mseuropa2_12

MS Europa 2

For the christening of “MS Europa 2” we created a three-step invitation set. Life on board of the luxury cruise liner is in all elements transferred into a lively vaudeville atmosphere with colorful plants, animals and characters. To surprise and impress the guests we developed for the third step something really special: a little theater in a box, which can be easily set in motion by a little metal crank.

for Hapag-Lloyd Cruises
with Paperlux
event communication
invitation set paper in different weights and colours, offset printing, silk-screen print (incl. iriodin varnish), linen, rope