Turn your content into good experiences.

Our collaboration makes valuable content sustainably accessible: the complex becomes understandable, the invisible visible, the familiar surprising, the dry lively and your brand unmistakable. Together we create trust externally, security internally and a holistic vision for your future. – Is your brand already capable of doing this? If not, let’s talk!




For twenty years I have enriched local and international clients, directly or in agencies, with strong ideas and scalable design systems in the fields of branding, book design, editorial design and event communication. Mainly in conception, for heartfelt projects also up to the finished product.

My focus

Book design
Editorial design
Event communication


Visual communication is the translation of your content into a design. The more concentrated and targeted, the more successful. I support you in this – whether as part of a design project or separately.

My services

Design analysis
Design consulting
Coaching for Creatives
Portfolio consulting



I’m Carolin, a multi-award winning visual communications expert with twenty years of experience in the best design agencies as well as with happy direct clients in a wide range of industries. Design is my tool for knowledge, self-determination and democracy. Are you looking for support in your design and positioning? Then let’s talk!