Design Consulting

Design consulting

So that you know how your content reaches the right people.

How I consult

Before we read, we see.

You know that design is an essential component of your communication. All visual elements work together to create an overall picture that the viewer senses rather than analytically dissects. The individual elements – text, colours, fonts, shapes, etc. – are important. However, it is their interaction that is decisive. Ideally, this is what expresses your unique identity and anchors it in the minds of your target group.

Putting the core of a project or company into words requires an examination of what you do, why and how you do it, and where you want to develop. We sum up this self-image, your positioning, in a few key statements. It serves as an orientation for all your communication measures and makes your everyday life easier because you can refer to it again and again. In this way you can act quickly, simply and successfully.

Design only makes sense afterwards. When it is clear what you want to communicate, the form can be derived from it. My design practice therefore always includes counselling. But you can also take advantage of this advice separately from design services.

And if you don’t know whether your design already expresses everything you want to communicate, we can start with a design analysis.

How we collaborate

Whether you are already in a transformation process, starting your business or are dissatisfied with the current state of your design, whether you are a company, association, organisation, foundation, institution or self-employed person, tell me about your project in a phone or video call.

Once we know what you need, I will make you an individual offer. Then we start with the concrete measures, e.g. in the form of a workshop, interviews with participants or my evaluation of your materials.

At the end, you will receive a presentation with the results and a clear direction for your communication.