Coaching for Creatives

Coaching for Creatives

So that you gain clarity and the courage to make your own decisions.

How I coach

You are faced with a decision and even after a list of pros and cons and some introspection you don’t know what to do? A situation with a colleague, a customer or your boss is making you lose sleep, but something is preventing you from actively resolving the conflict? You miss lightness and clarity, but you don’t know what exactly you can attribute this to?

There are countless situations in our everyday life that cost us a lot of energy and block us for a long time. Often we think that they are small things that we have to deal with on our own. Behind them, however, may lie larger issues that scare us. That’s perfectly okay.

Coaching means that I support you in finding your way to your solution. I ask many questions, actively listen to you and intervene. With me you will find the peace and strength to concretise your issue, to develop your own ideas for solutions and, if necessary, to find the causes for your behaviour. All this helps you to gain more clarity, to formulate next steps and to actively tackle them. This is how we clear the stumbling blocks in your path.

How we collaborate

Feel free to contact me for a non-binding meeting via video call or phone to describe your issue and find out if we have the right chemistry. We will then meet on-site or online for one or more 90-minute sessions.