Good design is clear, concise and tangible. Through my design, your content becomes visible, accessible and comprehensible. Thanks to the finely tuned tonality, they reach the viewer not only cognitively, but also emotionally. And thus anchor themselves in the long term and sustainably. Tell me about your project.

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Der unendliche Gipfel

“Der unendliche Gipfel” (The Infinite Peak) is the breathtaking story of mountaineering friends Lenny and Walter, who pursue their dreams in the Alps and the Himalayas, sealing their fate in the process. They carry with them the stories of the great alpinists and together they seek a way to make history. A novel about freedom and friendship, storms and avalanches, and the consequences of radical choices.

for mairisch Verlag
book design
132 × 204 mm
hard cover, offset printing

carolinrauen_paargespraeche_ carolinrauen_paargespraeche_2 carolinrauen_paargespraeche_3 carolinrauen_paargespraeche_4 carolinrauen_paargespraeche_5 carolinrauen_paargespraeche_6 carolinrauen_paargespraeche_7 carolinrauen_paargespraeche_8 carolinrauen_paargespraeche_9 carolinrauen_paargespraeche_10 carolinrauen_paargespraeche_12 carolinrauen_paargespraeche_13 carolinrauen_paargespraeche_14 carolinrauen_paargespraeche_15 carolinrauen_paargespraeche_16

Paargespräche – Together forever

In 24 absurd and entertaining couple conversations, Jochen Schmidt (text) and Line Hoven (illustration) find out what it means to be a couple and still love each other between daycare, taking down the trash, home office and shopping. We learn about non-violent communication from Terence Hill and Bud Spencer, Jeanne-Claude and Christo show us how best to wrap presents, and Moneypenny and James Bond explain why men should also seek parental leave. And the notes and thank-you notes that follow are at least as fun. The perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, a wedding – or, better yet, a divorce.

for mairisch Verlag
book design
193 × 210 mm
hard cover, offset printing, hot foil stamping

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Dorval, Quebec

Dorval is a small town in Canada near Montreal. In April 2020, almost the entire staff of Herron Residence had stopped showing up to work for fear of catching Covid-19. Residents had been left to fend for themselves for days. For thirty-one of them, help came too late. This powerful and award winning short story by Frank Schliedermann is transformed into a special edition book made of finest paper and finishing. But the dynamic font on the cover already points to the dramatic emotional journey inside.

for Frank Schliedermann/Monopolight
book design
110 × 160 mm
softcover, offset printing, metallic hot foil stamping

carolinrauen_ziegel_17_1 carolinrauen_ziegel_17_2 carolinrauen_ziegel_17_3 carolinrauen_ziegel_17_4 carolinrauen_ziegel_17_5 carolinrauen_ziegel_17_6 carolinrauen_ziegel_17_7 carolinrauen_ziegel_17_11 carolinrauen_ziegel_17_8 carolinrauen_ziegel_17_9 carolinrauen_ziegel_17_10

Ziegel #17

The second edition of the re-designed Hamburg yearbook of literature welcomes readers with a shiny field of metallic blue hot foil with a scene from space – two astronauts who landed on the lettering “Ziegel” (brick), an illustration by Sascha Hammer. It invites you on a journey into the unknown, into the inner part, where fifty authors present their texts – from poetry to graphic novels to fiction.

for mairisch Verlag
book design
155 × 215 mm
hard cover, offset printing, metallic hot foil stamping

carolinrauen_philosophiedessingens_1 carolinrauen_philosophiedessingens_3 carolinrauen_philosophiedessingens_4 carolinrauen_philosophiedessingens_5 carolinrauen_philosophiedessingens_6 carolinrauen_philosophiedessingens_7 carolinrauen_philosophiedessingens_8 carolinrauen_philosophiedessingens_9 carolinrauen_philosophiedessingens_10 carolinrauen_philosophiedessingens_11 carolinrauen_philosophiedessingens_12 carolinrauen_philosophiedessingens_13 carolinrauen_philosophiedessingens_14 carolinrauen_philosophiedessingens_15

Die Philosophie des Singens

What is singing anyway? Is it an artistic act? What do expression, mirror of the soul or a political act mean? How do animals sing? Is it a difference to sing together or alone in the shower? – 21 authors write about philosophical, poetic and practical aspects of a cultural technique that is always part of our natural expression. The cover shows the togetherness and at the same time the individuality that is hidden behind the singing of each one.

for mairisch Verlag
book design, illustration
154 × 215 mm, 272 pages
offset printing, hot foil stamping