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Koenig & Bauer: Menschen, Maschinen & Ideen

200 years ago the founders of Koenig & Bauer invented the first printing machine driven by a steam engine. On behalve of this anniversary a box including a book, a bookazine and 13 posters tell the story from the past to the future – from technical but also very personal perspectives. “Menschen”, “Maschinen” and “Ideen” proove that innovation can result from tradition.

for Koenig&Bauer
with/at Mutabor & Grauel Publishing
book design, editorial design, packaging design, illustration
360 x 280 mm/180 x 240 mm/120 x 170 mm
offset printing, silkscreen printing

4 × Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2018
3 × BCM Best of Content Marketing 2018
2 × ADC Award 2018

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Die Reise zum Mittelpunkt des Waldes

How do you become a good father? The protagonist wants to learn from the best and makes his way to the forest to find „Reuber“. The result is a beautifully illustrated and written homage to the courage and the forest by Rán Flygenring (illustration) and Finn-Ole Heinrich (text). In the typography, hand-drawn elements complement each other with calm classic typesetting. The workmanship also has a major effect: the trimmed edges of the hardcover transform the overall object not into a coffee table, but into a workbook.

for mairisch Verlag
book design
150 × 210 mm
offset printing, hot foil stamping, stiffened paper cover

Die schönsten deutschen Bücher 2019 – Winner

carolinrauen_philosophiedeskochens_01 carolinrauen_philosophiedeskochens_02 carolinrauen_philosophiedeskochens_03 carolinrauen_philosophiedeskochens_04 carolinrauen_philosophiedeskochens_05 carolinrauen_philosophiedeskochens_06 carolinrauen_philosophiedeskochens_07 carolinrauen_philosophiedeskochens_08 carolinrauen_philosophiedeskochens_09 carolinrauen_philosophiedeskochens_10 carolinrauen_philosophiedeskochens_11

Die Philosophie des Kochens

Cooking is part of our daily life: We cook for ourselves, for our family, for friends and colleagues – and a good meal can definitely make our day and delight all our senses. In the book 18 authors – chefs, food activists, journalists, blogger, critics, scientists and philosophers – write about their passion and the influence on our live and the society.

for mairisch Verlag
Book Design, Illustration
154 × 215 mm, 222 pages
offset printing, hot foil stamping

carolinrauen_sietraeumtvonpferden_01 carolinrauen_sietraeumtvonpferden_011 carolinrauen_sietraeumtvonpferden_012 carolinrauen_sietraeumtvonpferden_013 carolinrauen_sietraeumtvonpferden_014 carolinrauen_sietraeumtvonpferden_015 carolinrauen_sietraeumtvonpferden_02 carolinrauen_sietraeumtvonpferden_03 carolinrauen_sietraeumtvonpferden_04 carolinrauen_sietraeumtvonpferden_05 carolinrauen_sietraeumtvonpferden_07 carolinrauen_sietraeumtvonpferden_08 carolinrauen_sietraeumtvonpferden_09

Michael Weins, Katharina Gschwendtner: Sie träumt von Pferden

We are all animals – but sometimes we forget about that. This book tells stories about animals. And humans. Borders blur between dream and reality, human ethics and pure beauty, and, first of all, between animals and humans. Katharina Gschwendtner and Michael Weins show in drawings and short stories the mysterious turns of life. The typography underlines the the contrast and the unpredictable: Hard and soft, classic and contemporary.

for mairisch Verlag
book design
128 pages, 133 × 206 mm
hardcover with glistening paper, offset printing, hot foil stamping

carolinrauen_goldenerreiter_01 carolinrauen_goldenerreiter_02 carolinrauen_goldenerreiter_03 carolinrauen_goldenerreiter_04 carolinrauen_goldenerreiter_05

Michael Weins: Goldener Reiter

Jonas’ mother lost control and is instructed into psychiatry. Jonas tries to keep his normal life – but what is normal actually? The title of the book and the design with the shiny golden paper create a big contrast to the unsteady and broken atmosphere in the book, but at the same time, they symbolize the indestructible connection between mother and child and the hope for a happy ending.

for mairisch Verlag
book cover design
133 × 202 mm
hardcover, silk-screen printing, hot foil stamping