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Die Reise zum Mittelpunkt des Waldes

How do you become a good father? The protagonist wants to learn from the best and makes his way to the forest to find „Reuber“. The result is a beautifully illustrated and written homage to the courage and the forest by Rán Flygenring (illustration) and Finn-Ole Heinrich (text). In the typography, hand-drawn elements complement each other with calm classic typesetting. The workmanship also has a major effect: the trimmed edges of the hardcover transform the overall object not into a coffee table, but into a workbook.

for mairisch Verlag
book design
150 × 210 mm
offset printing, hot foil stamping, stiffened paper cover

Die schönsten deutschen Bücher 2019 – Winner

carolinrauen_verlorenermorgen_01 carolinrauen_verlorenermorgen_02 carolinrauen_verlorenermorgen_03 carolinrauen_verlorenermorgen_04 carolinrauen_verlorenermorgen_05 carolinrauen_verlorenermorgen_06 carolinrauen_verlorenermorgen_07 carolinrauen_verlorenermorgen_08 carolinrauen_verlorenermorgen_09 carolinrauen_verlorenermorgen_10

Verlorener Morgen

“Verlorener Morgen” is a novel about a whole country: Romania. It’s history is marked by suffering in many different ways and decades, the book concentrates on the World War I and the 1980s. But the protagonists are strong, especially the women. This strength becomes almost tangible in the form of three strong and impasto stripes of color – the Romanian flag – which cover up the gray reality in the photo behind.

carolinrauen_albuquerque_01 carolinrauen_albuquerque_02 carolinrauen_albuquerque_03 carolinrauen_albuquerque_04 carolinrauen_albuquerque_05 carolinrauen_albuquerque_06 carolinrauen_albuquerque_07 carolinrauen_albuquerque_08 carolinrauen_albuquerque_09 carolinrauen_albuquerque_10 carolinrauen_albuquerque_11

Florian Wacker: Albuquerque

Albuquerque is a city in New Mexico, where international hot-air balloon riders meet every year. And it’s the title of Florian Wacker’s first book – a collection of short stories in which people at the edge of society are the protagonists. The atmosphere oscillates between down-to-earth and somehow magic – and so does the design: old school beige linen and plain letters meet ascending bright red balloons that are searching their way through the typography.

for mairisch Verlag
book cover design
133 × 206 mm
hardcover with linen, offset printing, hot foil stamping

carolinrauen_goldenerreiter_01 carolinrauen_goldenerreiter_02 carolinrauen_goldenerreiter_03 carolinrauen_goldenerreiter_04 carolinrauen_goldenerreiter_05

Michael Weins: Goldener Reiter

Jonas’ mother lost control and is instructed into psychiatry. Jonas tries to keep his normal life – but what is normal actually? The title of the book and the design with the shiny golden paper create a big contrast to the unsteady and broken atmosphere in the book, but at the same time, they symbolize the indestructible connection between mother and child and the hope for a happy ending.

for mairisch Verlag
book cover design
133 × 202 mm
hardcover, silk-screen printing, hot foil stamping

carolinrauen_philosophiedeskochens_01 carolinrauen_philosophiedeskochens_02 carolinrauen_philosophiedeskochens_03 carolinrauen_philosophiedeskochens_04 carolinrauen_philosophiedeskochens_05 carolinrauen_philosophiedeskochens_06 carolinrauen_philosophiedeskochens_07 carolinrauen_philosophiedeskochens_08 carolinrauen_philosophiedeskochens_09 carolinrauen_philosophiedeskochens_10 carolinrauen_philosophiedeskochens_11

Die Philosophie des Kochens

Cooking is part of our daily life: We cook for ourselves, for our family, for friends and colleagues – and a good meal can definitely make our day and delight all our senses. In the book 18 authors – chefs, food activists, journalists, blogger, critics, scientists and philosophers – write about their passion and the influence on our live and the society.

for mairisch Verlag
Book Design, Illustration
154 × 215 mm, 222 pages
offset printing, hot foil stamping