Good design is clear, concise and tangible. Through my design, your content becomes visible, accessible and comprehensible. Thanks to the finely tuned tonality, they reach the viewer not only cognitively, but also emotionally. And thus anchor themselves in the long term and sustainably. Tell me about your project.

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Fresh, light and full of energy – that’s Yello! As the first editorial project of the brand relaunch, the brochure conveys the change from an energy supplier to a source of inspiration for everyday life. On the color scale, strong yellow in combination with fresh mint and peach creates a summer feeling all year round. The light, hand-drawn illustrations by Veronika Kieneke bring fun, identification, even more energy and each one tells a story. This way, even figures and calculations are anything but boring.

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Sabine Grosser

Sabine Grosser is a fascinating person. She comes from a graphic design and prepress background and is a master of her craft. Beyond that she uses her skills to organize processes and structures. She looks closely, questions (almost) everything and has the perfect ideas to make a project more efficient and successful. And she doesn’t stop there, but helps you to take the next step and implement all these concepts. With her perfectly trained eye for details – design-wise and content-wise – and her big heart, it’s a pleasure to work with her.

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Der unendliche Gipfel

“Der unendliche Gipfel” (The Infinite Peak) is the breathtaking story of mountaineering friends Lenny and Walter, who pursue their dreams in the Alps and the Himalayas, sealing their fate in the process. They carry with them the stories of the great alpinists and together they seek a way to make history. A novel about freedom and friendship, storms and avalanches, and the consequences of radical choices.

for mairisch Verlag
book design
132 × 204 mm
hard cover, offset printing

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Paargespräche – Together forever

In 24 absurd and entertaining couple conversations, Jochen Schmidt (text) and Line Hoven (illustration) find out what it means to be a couple and still love each other between daycare, taking down the trash, home office and shopping. We learn about non-violent communication from Terence Hill and Bud Spencer, Jeanne-Claude and Christo show us how best to wrap presents, and Moneypenny and James Bond explain why men should also seek parental leave. And the notes and thank-you notes that follow are at least as fun. The perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, a wedding – or, better yet, a divorce.

for mairisch Verlag
book design
193 × 210 mm
hard cover, offset printing, hot foil stamping

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Based on anatomical and scientific findings from physiotherapy, neurology and kinesiology, Jenny, Jenni and their team improve your physical and mental mobility in the long term. Motivity – Functional Yoga, Movement & Release is the first studio to teach LYT Yoga in Hamburg. I had the honor of designing the logo: a perfectly balanced curve, the interplay of tension and relaxation, the shape of a healthy spine and the mental state you will achieve in your classes.