You are the experts for your content. But from the inside it is much harder to filter out the essence. With the help of targeted questions and methods from twenty years of experience in design and my training as a systemic coach, we bring your content to the point. This way you can communicate easily and comprehensibly in the future – not only visually.


Design analysis – our start!

You are unsure who your visual appearance appeals to and what it conveys? Let’s look at your design together and I’ll show you the strengths and weaknesses and how you can help your visual communication to be more successful.

Design consulting

What are the strengths of your project or company? What makes you different from others? What makes you stand out now and where do you want to go? Who do you want to reach? – Together we find the core of your identity and concentrate it on a few statements. In this way, your entire communication will be transformed into clarity, stringency and effectiveness.

Coaching for creatives

There are questions you can’t answer clearly even after much deliberation: Should I stay in my job or start my own business? How do I find my unique selling point? How do I resolve conflicts with clients peacefully and confidently? I will help you to achieve clarity and find your solutions.

Portfolio consulting

What makes a good portfolio? Honest, professional feedback can highlight the strengths of your portfolio even more clearly. On behalf of the Kreativgesellschaft, I will be happy to give you my assessment and personal tips free of charge if you are a young professional and your current place of residence or study is Hamburg. Apply now!