Democracy for Peace

The war in Ukraine shows us every day that democracy is an incredibly valuable asset that must be defended. It cannot be taken for granted; it demands debate, participation, and at best time, energy and thought. In return, it allows us to live in freedom, in self-determination and voting. We are not steered, we are allowed to steer, together.

I set out to find a sign that expresses and advertises this great value. Formally so simple that anyone can trace it with the simplest means. A sign that not only depicts a system, but at the same time shows a goal that motivates, includes, inspires.

A common goal connects, and what is more desirable than the improvement of relations between people or in other words a peaceful and friendly coexistence?

“Democracy for Peace” reminds us why we should value and preserve democracy, because democracy is neither an end in itself nor a matter of course. I hope that this sign will create community, give strength and motivation for even more commitment and participation in society.

Download here.