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A magazine cover can be more than a glossy picture: 1,300 colorful equilateral triangles, each cover cut by 104 blades. This makes the paper flexible, you can fold it in all directions and create three-dimensional shapes. The light is reflected like on a diamond, and the movements can even produce sounds. So that everyone can choose their favorite color, we printed six versions – with just one set of printing plates.

carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_1 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_2 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_3 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_4 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_5 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_6 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_7 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_8 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_9 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_10 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_11 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_12 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_13 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_14 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_15 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_16 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_17 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_18 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_19 carolinrauen_koenig&bauer_20

Koenig & Bauer: Menschen, Maschinen & Ideen

200 years ago the founders of Koenig & Bauer invented the first printing machine driven by a steam engine. On behalve of this anniversary a box including a book, a bookazine and 13 posters tell the story from the past to the future – from technical but also very personal perspectives. “Menschen”, “Maschinen” and “Ideen” proove that innovation can result from tradition.

for Koenig&Bauer
with/at Mutabor & Grauel Publishing
book design, editorial design, packaging design, illustration
360 x 280 mm/180 x 240 mm/120 x 170 mm
offset printing, silkscreen printing

4 × Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2018
3 × BCM Best of Content Marketing 2018
2 × ADC Award 2018