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Dorval, Quebec

Dorval is a small town in Canada near Montreal. In April 2020, almost the entire staff of Herron Residence had stopped showing up to work for fear of catching Covid-19. Residents had been left to fend for themselves for days. For thirty-one of them, help came too late. This powerful and award winning short story by Frank Schliedermann is transformed into a special edition book made of finest paper and finishing. But the dynamic font on the cover already points to the dramatic emotional journey inside.

for Frank Schliedermann/Monopolight
book design
110 × 160 mm
softcover, offset printing, metallic hot foil stamping

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Christmas cards

Christmas is the time of the year, when you think on your beloved ones, when you pause for a moment to say “thank you”. Still one of the nicest ways to tell is by a handwritten postcard, a little personal surprise in the moment of opening the postbox in the everyday rush – and even more, if it’s not a cheesy golden-stars-and-tree ensemble but a simple black-and-white design that manages to put a smile on the face!

105 × 144 mm
letterpress printing
2014 – 2022

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Koenig & Bauer: Menschen, Maschinen & Ideen

200 years ago the founders of Koenig & Bauer invented the first printing machine driven by a steam engine. On behalve of this anniversary a box including a book, a bookazine and 13 posters tell the story from the past to the future – from technical but also very personal perspectives. “Menschen”, “Maschinen” and “Ideen” proove that innovation can result from tradition.

for Koenig&Bauer
with/at Mutabor & Grauel Publishing
book design, editorial design, packaging design, illustration
360 x 280 mm/180 x 240 mm/120 x 170 mm
offset printing, silkscreen printing

4 × Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2018
3 × BCM Best of Content Marketing 2018
2 × ADC Award 2018

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Reinventing the bookmark

Task: Design a bookmark for the catalogue of the “fiac!” art fair in Paris. Instead of putting a nice picture on a rectangular piece of paper, we focused on its function: Remembering the page where you stopped reading. But why not also marking a line or even a word you don’t want to forget? Our solution: a 3d object that creates fun, that is not buckling because of standing out too far, and that spreads visual and haptical pleasure.

carolinrauen_mseuropa2_01 carolinrauen_mseuropa2_02 carolinrauen_mseuropa2_03 carolinrauen_mseuropa2_04 carolinrauen_mseuropa2_05 carolinrauen_mseuropa2_06 carolinrauen_mseuropa2_07 carolinrauen_mseuropa2_08 carolinrauen_mseuropa2_09 carolinrauen_mseuropa2_10 carolinrauen_mseuropa2_11 carolinrauen_mseuropa2_12

MS Europa 2

For the christening of “MS Europa 2” we created a three-step invitation set. Life on board of the luxury cruise liner is in all elements transferred into a lively vaudeville atmosphere with colorful plants, animals and characters. To surprise and impress the guests we developed for the third step something really special: a little theater in a box, which can be easily set in motion by a little metal crank.

for Hapag-Lloyd Cruises
with Paperlux
event communication
invitation set paper in different weights and colours, offset printing, silk-screen print (incl. iriodin varnish), linen, rope