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Dark Matter

Until today only 15% of the materia of the universe are known. The other 85% are a big mistery. Nobody knows how it looks or behaves. 15 artists and a number of scientists got into an intensive exchange about this “dark matter”. The result is an exhibition at DESY in Hamburg where sculptures, paintings, installations, photographs and video works are placed in the direct neighbourhood of particle accelerators and the new free-electron laser.

for DESY
with Sybille Dörfler
event communication
148 x 210 mm
digital printing

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Tintenstrahl is a collaboration of three journalists who are experts in the diverse fields of culture. They all have the experience of working in the daily press and therefore combine well researched, high quality journalism with the demands of the digital media of today. The visual identity transfers this mix into a concise image and lettering – shining in a bright ink blue.

for Tintenstrahl
with Sybille Dörfler
logo, business cards, letterhead
offset printing

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Karin Rocke

Karin Rocke is a new fashion label from Hamburg. Clean lines and cuts combined with strong colours and playful elements form magnificent knitwear, that is both: classic and edgy. The corporate design transmits this look from textile to paper and screen: The logo consists of straight letters in restrained camel colour but with a switch in the reading direction. The production details complete the appearance of the high quality brand.

for Karin Rocke
logo, stationary, lookbook, hangtags and many more
offset printing, letterpress printing, die cuts
2016 – today

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Gewandhaus Orchester

The Gewandhaus Orchester is one of the biggest and oldest symphonic orchestras in the world. If you visit Leipzig you won’t miss it – because of its brutal architecture. The distinctive forms were the starting point for the design and are now visible in their reduced abstraction in every medium. Strong colours fill them with life – as the music fills the building with colourful sounds.

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kleinerdrei helps you to find solutions for all questions about children under the age of three through beautiful and useful products and valuable, creative content. So the design communicates first of all: carefreeness. Clear and simple forms for letters and illustrations create in combination with a happy and warm yellow a distinct frame to play within. A nice extra: If you turn the heart 90° – it’s < 3.

for kleinerdrei
identity, illustration
logo, stationary, diverse print media, wall decoration offset printing, digital printing
retail design: PARAT/Tom Huth
Photography shop: mfruscella & dmanduzio