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European Shooting Stars 2015

The „European Shooting Stars“ are the ten best up-and-coming actors from Europe, chosen by a jury of experts, nominated by the member organizations of European Film Promotion. The magazine adopts the glamourous look of the award ceremony by black-and-white photographs and elegant typography. It catches attention by the strong red colour. The rough paper and the diverse layout reflect the actors’ unadapted strong characters.

carolinrauen_efp_1 carolinrauen_efp_2 carolinrauen_efp_3 carolinrauen_efp_4 carolinrauen_efp_5 carolinrauen_efp_6 carolinrauen_efp_7

European Film Promotion

After 20 years of constant growth, it is time for European Film Promotion to take advantage of the high level of brand awareness and present a more uniform image. The new strategy focuses on strong visibility to successfully promote European films at international festivals. This works with very bright colors, a striking typeface and a clear arrangement of geometric shapes and images. The color palette allows for an almost infinite number of combinations and designs, and all types of images can be inserted.

carolinrauen_greenpeace_01 carolinrauen_greenpeace_02 carolinrauen_greenpeace_03 carolinrauen_greenpeace_04 carolinrauen_greenpeace_05 carolinrauen_greenpeace_06 carolinrauen_greenpeace_07 carolinrauen_greenpeace_08


Based on the basic color and typographic specifications from Greenpeace International, we revised the visual appearance of Greenpeace Germany. We called our concept “Make it big” – with large images and headlines that create a uniform and contemporary appearance that objectively but emotionally reflects the Greenpeace-typical character of the campaign.