A picture is a secret about a secret

Thinking about Iran, headlines about prohibitions, rules, imprisonments and torture appear. At the same time the Persian culture is famous for its hospitality, family loyalty and a lively cultural scene. How do these two worlds match?
To find out, I travelled through the country, met unbelievable kind, helpful and open people, learned that if there is a rule there is also a way to evade it and experienced how to have parties in cars instead of clubs. But the deeper I immersed into daily life, the less I wanted to accept certain rules, written or unwritten. The contrasts didn’t dissolve, questions stayed unanswered. The happy colourful photographs of the people that I took were just a romanticization. My image of the country blurred constantly – and so did the pictures, they became secrets about a secret.

* The title of this series is a quote by Diane Arbus, found in “On Photography” by Susan Sontag, 1977.