How we look at places

In Berlin hipsters party in Berghain all day long, in Hamburg everybody sips champagne while sailing the Alster and in Muenster student masses cycle to their lectures, if they are not busy shooting the next „Tatort“. – False? Not true? Just prejudices? The question, how cities really are, occupies me since years. Of course, there is no „right“ answer to it, but at least I try to get closer to a kind of. That’s why I started a survey, asking the simple question: „What’s the first thing coming to your mind when you think about Berlin/Duisburg/Hamburg/Leipzig/Münster/Nürnberg?“ For every city, about 120 habitants and outsiders answered. The result can be watched in an interactive info graphic consisting of terms and images.

Thanks to: all the people who helped me by sharing their thoughts with me, Stefan Wunderwald for his support in webdesign and programming