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Christmas cards

Christmas is the time of the year, when you think on your beloved ones, when you pause for a moment to say “thank you”. Still one of the nicest ways to tell is by a handwritten postcard, a little personal surprise in the moment of opening the postbox in the everyday rush – and even more, if it’s not a cheesy golden-stars-and-tree ensemble but a simple black-and-white design that manages to put a smile on the face!

4 cards, 105 × 144 mm
letterpress printing
2014 – 2017

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Dark Matter

Until today only 15% of the materia of the universe are known. The other 85% are a big mistery. Nobody knows how it looks or behaves. 15 artists and a number of scientists got into an intensive exchange about this “dark matter”. The result is an exhibition at DESY in Hamburg where sculptures, paintings, installations, photographs and video works are placed in the direct neighbourhood of particle accelerators and the new free-electron laser.

for DESY
with Sybille Dörfler
event communication
148 x 210 mm
digital printing

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Karin Rocke: Autum/Winter 2017/2018

Clean Lines is the title of Karin Rocke’s newest collection: The pieces convince by their distinct silhouettes, graphic elements and strong colours crafted in exquisite materials, which unfold their full wellbeing-asset only on your skin. The key colours, a gentle cherry blossom pink and a rich ruby red, frame the collection – so do the coloured geometric fields behind and around the photographs, which add an architectural dimension to the paper.

for Karin Rocke
148 x 210 mm
digital printing

carolinrauen_tintenstrahl_1 carolinrauen_tintenstrahl_2


Tintenstrahl is a collaboration of three journalists who are experts in the diverse fields of culture. They all have the experience of working in the daily press and therefore combine well researched, high quality journalism with the demands of the digital media of today. The visual identity transfers this mix into a concise image and lettering – shining in a bright ink blue.

for Tintenstrahl
with Sybille Dörfler
logo, business cards, letterhead
offset printing

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Stefan Beuse: Das Buch der Wunder

The siblings Penny and Tom are very different: Penny is open for every kind of magic, Tom always needs a scientific explanation. But then more and more inexplicable things happen and the border between the visible and the invisible world becomes permeable. The forest on the cover is a place of desire and attraction, a light and powerful paradise, but it can also become dense, dark and mysterious.

for mairisch Verlag
book cover design
133 × 202 mm
offset printing, hot foil stamping