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Islamic Art at MKG

The collection of Islamic art of the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg is one of the most important in Germany. In the new exhibition the artworks are grouped by topics instead of their geographical origin: The relations between past and present become obvious, many open questions are answered by the history. The objects are in the centre of attention, the exhibition design and graphic form a subtly frame to let them shine.

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Reinventing the bookmark

Task: Design a bookmark for the catalogue of the “fiac!” art fair in Paris. Instead of putting a nice picture on a rectangular piece of paper, we focused on its function: Remembering the page where you stopped reading. But why not also marking a line or even a word you don’t want to forget? Our solution: a 3d object that creates fun, that is not buckling because of standing out too far, and that spreads visual and haptical pleasure.

carolinrauen_mseuropa2_01 carolinrauen_mseuropa2_02 carolinrauen_mseuropa2_03 carolinrauen_mseuropa2_04 carolinrauen_mseuropa2_05 carolinrauen_mseuropa2_06 carolinrauen_mseuropa2_07 carolinrauen_mseuropa2_08 carolinrauen_mseuropa2_09 carolinrauen_mseuropa2_10 carolinrauen_mseuropa2_11 carolinrauen_mseuropa2_12

MS Europa 2

For the christening of “MS Europa 2” we created a three-step invitation set. Life on board of the luxury cruise liner is in all elements transferred into a lively vaudeville atmosphere with colorful plants, animals and characters. To surprise and impress the guests we developed for the third step something really special: a little theater in a box, which can be easily set in motion by a little metal crank.

for Hapag-Lloyd Cruises
with Paperlux
event communication
invitation set paper in different weights and colours, offset printing, silk-screen print (incl. iriodin varnish), linen, rope

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Nothing bad can happen

“Nothing bad can happen” is the first motion picture by Katrin Gebbe – and shown at the Festival de Cannes 2013. Her works are: straight, unsettling and sometimes even brutal, not afraid to break any rules, but with a sensitive sense for communication outside the language. Transferred to typography: clear and proud in its rounding, a little aggressive by its spikes, broad because of the big space between the letters.

carolinrauen_meinschiff2_007 carolinrauen_meinschiff2_001 carolinrauen_meinschiff2_002 carolinrauen_meinschiff2_003 carolinrauen_meinschiff2_004 carolinrauen_meinschiff2_005 carolinrauen_meinschiff2_006

Mein Schiff 2

“1,000 shades of blue“: Every element of the invitation set surprises by it’s interpretation of the colour and the topic “seafaring”. In a handmade box from white cotton paper you find a silk scarf with a pattern of waves. It reflects the light like an ocean touched by sunlight, and the fabric changes its form as the water surface does. Surprise: A little origami ship to invite your partner to accompany you.

for TUI Cruises
with Paperlux
event communication
invitation set letterpress printing, fore-edge painting, hot foil stamping, offset printing